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As a current doctoral student and experienced COTA who has passed the NBCOT® exam, I understand the challenging process of finding the most effective study materials. OT Exam Insights is an amazing resource to complete practice questions and really gain a holistic understanding of the concepts given thorough rationales and reflections. I wish I would have had this as a resource sooner and highly recommend it to others to prepare for the exam!

Michelle W., COTA/L, OTD-S

I applied the principles described in the book such as how to analyze questions (OT process, diagnosis, etc.) and I noticed a vast difference in my score. My anxiety was way lower the second time and it was really interfering the first time I took the practice test.

Lyda N., OTS

As a new grad and as someone who recently passed the NBCOT® Exam, I understand the many challenges that come with preparing for the exam. OT Exam Insights is a great resource to help fill in the gaps and complement other study materials. With the holistic approach, it’s great to tackle any anxiety and fear you may have. It also provides you with great rationales and reflections to allow you to dive deeper into exam questions. I wish I had this resource sooner! 

Tori H., OTR/L

Many people, myself included, experience so many emotions when preparing for the daunting undertaking of standardized tests–anxiety, fear, frustration, self-doubt. I love that OT Exam Insights provides tools for all those peripheral components: Mindfulness. Reflection. Cognitive restructuring. These are all important aspects of test preparation that can make such a difference, and I appreciate that OT Exam Insights addresses these topics and provides supportive resources and tools in those areas. One of the best parts about this resource is that it's comprehensive while also being person-centered–each test taker can focus on their unique areas of need and find support in this book.

Gabriella T., OTS

Many students are extremely nervous and have tons of emotions while preparing for, taking, and then waiting for exam scores. This book broke down the emotions associated with this test and allows the student to envision themselves as the OT they have been working so hard to be. The worksheets are stellar and are not only able to be utilized for mindfulness and feelings of anxiety, but they also act as a vision board and makes the student dive deep into who they really are and what there motive is in order to pass this exam.

Amanda G., OTS

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