Free NBCOT® Exam Prep Resources

Thank you for stopping by OT Exam Insights. I hope these resources make your studying a little easier! 

I am well aware of the financial strain that OT school can cause (not to mention the cost of taking the NBCOT® exam) and that is why I have created some very affordable study materials for OT students. I wanted to also provide OT students with free study materials to help you that much more! I hope to continue to add more resources to this page so check back for any changes. 

OT Crossword Puzzle

NBCOT Study Planning Printables

Rancho's Levels Study Guide

Neurodegenerative Diseases Study Guide

Summary of OT Frames of Reference

Mental Health Study Guide

Apraxia Resource

Vision Study Guide

Sample from OT Exam Insights Book - Coping with Test Taking Anxiety and Creating a Passing Mindset 


Helpful Resources Created By Others

Wheelchair and Seating Resource 

Spinal Cord Injury

Evidenced Based OT Toolkit for CVA

Pediatric Developmental Milestones

Pediatric Developmental Milestones Chart

Summary of the Allen Cognitive Levels


Graphics to Help Prepare you For the Exam

Reflective questions to ask yourself when answering NBCOT®  exam questions

Ways to use active study strategies when preparing for the NBCOT® exam

Applying clinical reasoning to exam questions

Analyzing NBCOT®  exam questions

Things to avoid when preparing for the NBCOT® exam




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